Tool to Track Progress Toward SMM Goals

Tool to Track Progress Toward SMM Goals

An Integrated Tool for Local Government to Track Materials Management and Progress toward Sustainability Goals

In SMM it is important to evaluate the economic, social, and environmental impacts of a decision. Results from the Hinkley Center FY18/19 project can be used in conjunction with WasteCalc to produce estimates of these impacts. Another important SMM principle is reducing consumption of materials. Examples of activities that lead to less materials consumed include reusing products or instructing consumers to change their purchasing habits. Many of these activities are referred to as source reduction activities which may be defined as changes in design, manufacture, purchase or use of materials that reduces the amount of materials entering the waste stream.

A need exists to incorporate measuring and tracking source reduction activities in Florida. We propose to develop a comprehensive tool that includes:

  1. The WasteCalc functions and refined functions
  2. Metrics to measure environmental, social, and economic impacts developed from the FY18/19 project
  3. A method to measure Florida source reduction activities.

Project Scope: HC19Scope

Final Report and Tool

Final Report: Final Report HC19_20

2021 SMM Tool: 2021 SMM Tool User

Progress Reports

Progress Report 1: HC19PR01

Progress Report 2: HC19PR02

Progress Report 3: HC19PR03

Progress Report 4: HC19PR04

TAG Meeting Presentations

January 2020 TAG Meeting: HC19STAKEHOLDERJAN10

Recording of the January 2020 TAG Meeting: see Hinkley Center – YouTube

October 2020 SWANA Hinkley Center Symposium Meeting:

April 2021 TAG Meeting:

Recording of the April 2021 TAG Meeting:

Training Materials

May 2021 Webinar PPT for Educators Tool Use: 2021 SMM Tool Application for Educators

Recording of the May 2021 Webinar for Educators Tool Use: 

June 2021 Joint FDEP/UF Webinar PPT for Decision Makers Tool Use: UF_FDEP Webinar for 2021 SMM Tool Application

Recording of the June 2021 Joint FDEP/UF Webinar for Decision Makers Tool Use: