Construction and Demolition Debris Management

Construction and Demolition Debris Management

ENV 6932 Construction and Demolition Debris Management

This course provides a fundamental overview of the major topics in modern construction and demolition debris management (CDD), including: characteristics, generation, regulation, environmental risk, recycling, disposal, economics, and life cycle assessment.

Course Organization

This course is organized into distinct learning modules as follows:

Module 1: Course Overview and CDD Basics

Module 2: Definitions

Module 3: Components and Composition

Module 4: Generation

Module 5: Management Basics 

Module 6: Regulatory Aspects

Module 7: Markets for Recovered Materials

Module 8: Recycling Facilities

Module 9: Beneficial Use of CDD Materials

Module 10: Polices for Promoting Recycling

Module 11: Landfill Basics

Module 12: Addressing Groundwater and Landfill Gas

Module 13: Disaster Debris

Module 14: Life Cycle Assessment