Waste Use in Asphalt and Concrete

Waste Use in Asphalt and Concrete

Use of Solid Wastes in Asphalt and Concrete

With a growing need for the manufacture of asphalt and concrete, there becomes a growing need for innovative materials used in the manufacturing process. Solid waste in the form of Waste-to-Energy ash is typically of the innovative materials used in the manufacturing of asphalt and concrete. This research aims to provide data that will be helpful for beneficial use of these waste materials. This is done through four activities.

  • First, the variability of the particle size distribution of WTE bottom ash (both among facilities and over time) will be evaluated at five Florida WTE facilities.
  • Second, the asphalt binder absorption of WTE bottom ash, and the options for reducing this binder requirement, will be examined.
  • Third, several issues regarding the long-term performance related to waste-amended concrete will be researched.
  • Fourth, the potential to gauge the mobility of chemical contaminants from concrete and asphalt pavement products using standard materials characterization tests will be explored.

This project is funded by the Hinkley Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management.

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