Onsite Leachate Management

Onsite Leachate Management

Assessing Options for On-site Leachate and Groundwater Management Strategies at Florida Landfills

Despite increases in solid waste recycling and resource recovery, landfills remain an integral part of the infrastructure in Florida’s solid waste management landscape. The leachate that is collected must be managed appropriately, but some operators have difficulty in finding local treatment options and are thus required to transport leachate long distances. This project assess options for addressing current issues facing landfill operators in Florida.

The objective of this work will be to produce technical guidance for Florida landfill operators concerning what options are available for on-site leachate treatment and when options are favorable relative to off-site treatment, using a newly developed engineering tool. Also, the project evaluates engineering and construction alternatives to mitigate the release of naturally occurring elements resulting from landfill liners (and other site infrastructure) causing reductive dissolution.

This project is funded by the Hinkley Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management.

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