Landfill Design

Landfill Design

ENV 4300 Solid Waste Containment Design
ENV 6301 Advanced Solid Waste Containment Design
CEG 5114 Geotechnical Aspects of Landfill Design

These three courses are currently taught as a combined section with a generic name of landfill design. This course provides detailed instruction on the design of solid waste containment units (SWCU) (primarily landfills, but also surface impoundments and waste piles). Elements of landfill design include mass balance principles, sizing, foundation design and basic soils engineering, liner design, leachate system design, landfill gas system design, and final landfill closure design.

Course Organization

This course is organized into 10 distinct learning modules as follows:

Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: Landfill Regulations

Module 3: Fundamentals

Module 4: Sizing and Capacity

Module 5: Foundation Analysis

Module 6: Liner Design

Module 7: Leachate Fundamentals

Module 8: Leachate Collection and Recovery System Design

Module 9: Landfill Gas

Module 10: Closure and Postclosure