Looking Beyond Florida’s 75% Recycling Goal

Looking Beyond Florida’s 75% Recycling Goal

Looking Beyond Florida’s 75% Recycling Goal: Development of a Methodology and Tool for Assessing Sustainable Materials Management Recycling Rates in Florida

The way in which many think about solid waste in the US is shifting. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for example, has adopted the approach of sustainable materials management (SMM) instead of solid waste management (both in spirit and literally in terms of a name change). In Florida, thanks to funding from the Hinkley Center and several municipalities, the University of Florida has begun to evaluate SMM as an approach as well.

One tangible outcome of this research will be the development of a tool that can be used by local governments and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to estimate and compare alternative recycling rates based on specific waste streams, composition, disposition, and life cycle assessment impact factors (e.g., GHG emissions and energy use).

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