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Bag-level classification network for infrared target detection accepted to SPIE, 2022!

Congratulations to our labmates and collaborators: Connor H. McCurley, Daniel Rodriguez, Chandler Trousdale, Arielle Stevens, Anthony Baldino, Eugene Li, Isabella Perlmutter, and Alina Zare. Their paper, “Bag-level classification network for infrared target detection”, was recently accepted to Proc. SPIE 12096, Automatic… Read More

Addressing the Inevitable Imprecision: Multiple Instance Learning for Hyperspectral Image Analysis

Abstract: In many remote sensing and hyperspectral image analysis applications, precise ground truth information is unavailable or impossible to obtain. Imprecision in ground truth often results from highly mixed or sub-pixel spectral responses over classes of interest, a mismatch between the precision… Read More

Bag-level Classification Network for Infrared Target Detection

Abstract: Aided target detection in infrared data has proven an important area of investigation for both military and civilian applications. While target detection at the object or pixel-level has been explored extensively, existing approaches require precisely-annotated data which is often… Read More

Congratulations to Yiming Cui for a Successful Proposal Defense!

Congratulations to our labmate Yiming Cui for successfully defending his research proposal!  Defending an oral research proposal is the second of four milestones to completing a Ph.D. at the University of Florida.  Yiming is planning to conduct point cloud semantic… Read More

Multi-Target Multiple Instance Learning for Hyperspectral Target Detection

Abstract: In remote sensing, it is often challenging to acquire or collect a large dataset that is accurately labeled. This difficulty is usually due to several issues, including but not limited to the study site’s spatial area and accessibility, errors… Read More

Master’s Defenses!

Congratulations to our labmates, Hudanyun Sheng and Princess Lyons, for successful Master’s defenses!   Hudanyun conducted work on “Switchgrass Genotype Classification using Hyperspectral Imagery”, while Princess investigated  “Anomaly and Target Detection in Synthetic Aperture Sonar”. Great job, you two!

Cross-site learning in deep learning RGB tree crown detection

Abstract: Tree detection is a fundamental task in remote sensing for forestry and ecosystem ecology applications. While many individual tree segmentation algorithms have been proposed, the development and testing of these algorithms is typically site specific, with few methods evaluated… Read More