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Aggregation of Choquet integrals in GPR and EMI for handheld platform-based explosive hazard detection

Abstract: Substantial interest resides in identifying sensors, algorithms and fusion theories to detect buried explosive hazards. This is a significant research effort because it impacts the safety and lives of civilians and soldiers alike. Herein, we explore the fusion of… Read More

Fourier Features for Explosive Hazard Detection using a Wideband Electromagnetic Induction Sensor

Abstract: Sensors which use electromagnetic induction (EMI) to excite a response in conducting bodies have been investigated for the purpose of detecting buried explosives. In particular, wide band EMI sensors which use a relatively low number of operating frequencies have… Read More

Buried object detection using handheld WEMI with task-driven extended functions of multiple instances

Abstract: Many effective supervised discriminative dictionary learning methods have been developed in the literature. However, when training these algorithms, precise ground-truth of the training data is required to provide very accurate point-wise labels. Yet, in many applications, accurate labels are… Read More

Landmine classification using possibilistic K-nearest neighbors with wideband electromagnetic induction data

Abstract: A possibilistic K-Nearest Neighbors classifier is presented to classify mine and non-mine objects using data collected from a wideband electromagnetic induction (WEMI) sensor. The proposed classifier is motivated by the observation that buried objects often have consistent signatures depending… Read More