Tag: lidar

Cross-site learning in deep learning RGB tree crown detection

Abstract: Tree detection is a fundamental task in remote sensing for forestry and ecosystem ecology applications. While many individual tree segmentation algorithms have been proposed, the development and testing of these algorithms is typically site specific, with few methods evaluated… Read More

Multi-Resolution Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion For Remote Sensing Data With Label Uncertainty

Abstract: In remote sensing, each sensor can provide complementary or reinforcing information. It is valuable to fuse outputs from multiple sensors to boost overall performance. Previous supervised fusion methods often require accurate labels for each pixel in the training data.… Read More

Subpixel target detection in hyperspectral imagery using piece-wise convex spatial-spectral unmixing, possibilistic and fuzzy clustering, and co-registered LiDAR

Abstract: A new algorithm for subpixel target detection in hyperspectral imagery is proposed which uses the PFCM-FLICM-PCE algorithm to model and estimate the parameters of the image background. This method uses the piece-wise convex mixing model with spatial-spectral constraints, and… Read More