Data & Code

Data & Code

Selected Code links:

Please see our GitHub organization for all our public code repositories: GatorSense GitHub

Selected Data links:

  • Plant Root Minirhizotron Images (PRMI)
    A Dataset of Minirhizotron (MR) Images for Diverse Plant Root Study. It is a large-scale dataset of plant root images captured by MR technology. In total, there are over 72K RGB root images across six different species including cotton, papaya, peanut, sesame, sunflower, and switchgrass in the dataset. You can find the dataset and more details about it here.
  • MUUFL Gulfport Data Collection
    The MUUFL Gulfport data set was collected in November 2010 over the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi-Gulfpark, located in Long Beach, Mississippi. The data contains co-registered hyperspectral and LiDAR data with a ground sample distance of 1m, Scoring Code, Photographs of Scene and Description of Data.
  • NEON Tree Crowns Dataset
    The NeonTreeCrowns dataset is a set of individual level crown estimates for 100 million trees at 37 geographic sites across the United States surveyed by the National Ecological Observation Network’s Airborne Observation Platform. Each rectangular bounding box crown prediction includes height, crown area, and spatial location. You can find more details about the dataset here.

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