Tag: ground penetrating radar

Sample spacing variations on the feature performance for subsurface object detection using handheld ground penetrating radar

Abstract: The use of handheld ground penetrating radar (GPR) for subsurface object detection often faces challenges coming from the human operator effect, antenna height variation and uneven data sample spacing. This paper investigates the artifact of uneven sample spacing on… Read More

Aggregation of Choquet integrals in GPR and EMI for handheld platform-based explosive hazard detection

Abstract: Substantial interest resides in identifying sensors, algorithms and fusion theories to detect buried explosive hazards. This is a significant research effort because it impacts the safety and lives of civilians and soldiers alike. Herein, we explore the fusion of… Read More

Fourier Features for Explosive Hazard Detection using a Wideband Electromagnetic Induction Sensor

Abstract: Sensors which use electromagnetic induction (EMI) to excite a response in conducting bodies have been investigated for the purpose of detecting buried explosives. In particular, wide band EMI sensors which use a relatively low number of operating frequencies have… Read More