PRMI: A Dataset of Minirhizotron Images for Diverse Plant Root Study

Abstract: Understanding a plant’s root system architecture (RSA) is crucial for a variety of plant science problem domains including sustainability and climate adaptation. Minirhizotron (MR) technology is a widely-used approach for phenotyping RSA non-destructively by capturing root imagery over time.… Read More


The Machine Learning and Sensing Lab is excited to welcome Matt Wein as a new Masters student! Matt received his BS degree in Civil & Structural Engineering from the University of Florida in 2016. After spending several years as a… Read More

Histogram Layers for Texture Analysis accepted to IEEE TAI, 2021!

Congratulations to our labmates and collaborators: Joshua Peeples, Weihuang Xu, and Alina Zare! Their paper, “Histogram Layers for Texture Analysis”, was recently accepted to IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence, 2021. In the paper, the authors present a localized histogram layer… Read More

Image-to-Height Domain Translation for Synthetic Aperture Sonar

Abstract: Observations of seabed texture with synthetic aperture sonar are dependent upon several factors. In this work, we focus on collection geometry with respect to isotropic and anisotropic textures. The low grazing angle of the collection geometry, combined with orientation… Read More