FDI Correction Physics-Based Model accepted to Applied Sciences!

Congratulations to our labmates and collaborators: Tierui Zou, Nader Aljohani, Keerthiraj Nagaraj, Sheng Zou, Cody Ruben, Arturo Bretas, Alina Zare and Janise McNair! Their paper, “A Network Parameter Database False Data Injection Correction Physics-Based Model: A Machine Learning Synthetic Measurement-Based… Read More

Data Science Competition For Cross-Site Delineation And Classification Of Individual Trees From Airborne Remote Sensing Data

Abstract: Delineating and classifying individual trees in remote sensing data is challenging. Many tree crown delineation methods have difficulty in closed-canopy forests and do not leverage multiple datasets. Methods to classify individual species are often accurate for common species, but… Read More

Peeples named SEC emerging scholar!

Congratulations to our labmate, Josh Peeples,  who was recently named an SEC Emerging Scholar!   The SEC Emerging Scholars program was designed to promote historically underrepresented groups to seek out academic positions in the SEC.  As a scholar, Josh is invited… Read More

Congrats on great REU presentations!

Congratulations to our labmates, Lucia Carrero and MaTais Caldwell!   Lucia and MaTais recently presented on their summer REU work — both did a great job!