PRMI: A Dataset of Minirhizotron Images for Diverse Plant Root Study

Abstract: Understanding a plant’s root system architecture (RSA) is crucial for a variety of plant science problem domains including sustainability and climate adaptation. Minirhizotron (MR) technology is a widely-used approach for phenotyping RSA non-destructively by capturing root imagery over time.… Read More

Spatial and Texture Analysis of Root System Architecture with Earth Mover’s Distance (STARSEED)

Abstract: Purpose: Root system architectures are complex, multidimensional, and challenging to characterize effectively for agronomic and ecological discovery. Methods: We propose a new method, Spatial and Texture Analysis of Root System architecture with Earth mover’s Distance (STARSEED), for comparing root… Read More

Data Science Competition For Cross-Site Delineation And Classification Of Individual Trees From Airborne Remote Sensing Data

Abstract: Delineating and classifying individual trees in remote sensing data is challenging. Many tree crown delineation methods have difficulty in closed-canopy forests and do not leverage multiple datasets. Methods to classify individual species are often accurate for common species, but… Read More

Predictive Models To Identify Holstein Cows At Risk Of Metritis And Clinical Cure And Reproductive/Productive Failure Following Antimicrobial Treatment

Abstract: Precision dairy farming, specifically the design of management strategies according to the animal’s needs, may soon become the norm since automated technologies that generate large amounts of data for each individual are becoming more affordable. Our objectives were to… Read More

RandCrowns: A Quantitative Metric for Imprecisely Labeled Tree Crown Delineation

Abstract: Supervised methods for object delineation in remote sensing require labeled ground-truth data. Gathering sufficient high quality ground-truth data is difficult, especially when targets are of irregular shape or difficult to distinguish from background or neighboring objects. Tree crown delineation… Read More