Welcome new PhD student Aditya Dutt!


The Machine Learning and Sensing Lab is excited to welcome Aditya Dutt as a new Ph.D. student! Aditya is pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at UF. His research focus involves metric learning, sensor fusion and translation, synthetic data generation, and speech-emotion recognition (SER) using deep learning. The core of his Ph.D. research lies in developing a unified single analysis model that can work for all the sensors, irrespective of the sensor type. This will enhance efficiency and significantly reduce development costs that would otherwise be incurred by creating separate analysis models for each sensor. In his spare time, he enjoys writing machine learning based blogs, and exploring his artistic side through painting, and a bit of wood carving. You can connect with aditya on LinkedIn, Medium, Github, and ResearchGate

Welcome to our lab, Aditya!