MIMRF Published in TGRS!

An example of 3D scatterplot of LiDAR data over the University of Southern Mississippi – Gulfpark campus. The LiDAR points were colored by the RGB imagery provided by HSI sensors over the scene. “X” and “Y”-axes are Easting and Northing locations and “Z”-axis corresponds to the elevation information. Image from: X. Du and A. Zare, “Multi-Resolution Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion For Remote Sensing Data With Label Uncertainty,” in IEEE Trans. on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (TGRS). In Press.

Congratulations to GatorSense alumna, Xiaoxiao Du!  Her paper, titled “Multi-resolution Multi-modal Sensor Fusion For Remote Sensing Data with Label Uncertainty”, was recently published in IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing.  

Check it out here!