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Abstract: Smart grid (SG) systems are designed to leverage digital automation technologies for monitoring, control and analysis. As SG technology is implemented in increasing numbers of power systems, SG data becomes increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Classic analytic physics-model based bad… Read More

Multi-Target Multiple Instance Learning for Hyperspectral Target Detection

Abstract: In remote sensing, it is often challenging to acquire or collect a large dataset that is accurately labeled. This difficulty is usually due to several issues, including but not limited to the study site’s spatial area and accessibility, errors… Read More

Peanut Maturity Classification using Hyperspectral Imagery

Abstract: Seed maturity in peanut ( Arachis hypogaea L.) determines economic return to a producer because of its impact on seed weight, and critically influences seed vigor and other quality characteristics. During seed development, the inner mesocarp layer of the… Read More

Hybrid data-driven physics model-based framework for enhanced cyber-physical smart grid security

Abstract: This paper presents a hybrid data-driven physics model-based framework for real time monitoring in smart grids. As the power grid transitions to the use of smart grid technology, it’s real time monitoring becomes more vulnerable to cyber attacks like… Read More

Cross-site learning in deep learning RGB tree crown detection

Abstract: Tree detection is a fundamental task in remote sensing for forestry and ecosystem ecology applications. While many individual tree segmentation algorithms have been proposed, the development and testing of these algorithms is typically site specific, with few methods evaluated… Read More

Plant species’ spectral emissivity and temperature using the hyperspectral thermal emission spectrometer (HyTES) sensor

Abstract: The thermal domain (TIR; 2.5–15 μm) delivers unique measurements of plant characteristics that are not possible in other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, these TIR measurements have largely been restricted to laboratory leaf level or coarse spatial resolutions… Read More