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Developing Spectral Libraries Using Multiple Target Multiple Instance Adaptive Cosine/Coherence Estimator

Abstract: Traditional methods of developing spectral libraries for unmixing hyperspectral images tend to require domain knowledge of the study area and the material’s spectra. In this paper, we propose using the Multiple Target Multiple Instance Adaptive Cosine/Coherence Estimator (Multi-Target MI-ACE)… Read More

Multi-Resolution Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion For Remote Sensing Data With Label Uncertainty

Abstract: In remote sensing, each sensor can provide complementary or reinforcing information. It is valuable to fuse outputs from multiple sensors to boost overall performance. Previous supervised fusion methods often require accurate labels for each pixel in the training data.… Read More

Multiple Instance Choquet Integral Classifier Fusion and Regression for Remote Sensing Applications

Abstract: In classifier (or regression) fusion the aim is to combine the outputs of several algorithms to boost overall performance. Standard supervised fusion algorithms often require accurate and precise training labels. However, accurate labels may be difficult to obtain in… Read More

Multiple Instance Hybrid Estimator for Hyperspectral Target Characterization and Sub-pixel Target Detection

Abstract: The Multiple Instance Hybrid Estimator for discriminative target characterization from imprecisely labeled hyperspectral data is presented. In many hyperspectral target detection problems, acquiring accurately labeled training data is difficult. Furthermore, each pixel containing target is likely to be a… Read More