Post-Doctoral Researchers

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Maggie Hantak Maggie Hantak

mhantak [at] floridamuseum [dot] ufl [dot] edu

Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Florida Museum of Natural History and University of Florida
Advisors: Robert Guralnick, Alina Zare and David Blackburn
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Ph.D. Biological Sciences
Ohio University

M.S. Biology
John Carroll University

B.S. Biology
John Carroll University

Maggie studies the ecological and evolutionary processes that maintain genetic and phenotypic variation within and among populations. Her primary focus is on woodland salamanders (genus Plethodon), which contain a dorsal striped/unstriped color pattern polymorphism. With tens of thousands of polymorphic Plethodon within U.S. natural history museums, she will use machine learning to score salamander color morphs from digital images.