Tag: endmember variability

Endmember variability in hyperspectral analysis: addressing spectral variability during spectral unmixing

Abstract: Variable illumination and environmental, atmospheric, and temporal conditions cause the measured spectral signature for a material to vary within hyperspectral imagery. By ignoring these variations, errors are introduced and propagated throughout hyperspectral image analysis. To develop accurate spectral unmixing… Read More

An investigation of likelihoods and priors for bayesian endmember estimation

Abstract: A Gibbs sampler for piece-wise convex hyperspectral unmixing and endmember detection is presented. The standard linear mixing model used for hyperspectral unmixing assumes that hyperspectral data reside in a single convex region. However, hyperspectral data is often non-convex. Furthermore,… Read More

A comparison of deterministic and probabilistic approaches to endmember representation

Abstract: The piece-wise convex multiple model endmember detection algorithm (P-COMMEND) and the Piece-wise Convex End-member detection (PCE) algorithm autonomously estimate many sets of endmembers to represent a hyperspectral image. A piece-wise convex model with several sets of endmembers is more… Read More

Hyperspectral endmember detection and band selection using bayesian methods

Abstract: Four methods of endmember detection and spectral unmixing are described. The methods determine endmembers and perform spectral unmixing while simultaneously determining the number of endmembers, representing endmembers as distributions, partitioning the input data set into several convex regions, or… Read More