Jignesh Soni, PhD

Jignesh Soni, PhD

Jignesh Soni

Tel: 352-226-0194

E-mail: jignesh.soni@ufl.edu

Previous Institution: Earned a Master’s in Aerospace Propulsion from IIT Bombay in 2007; Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University in 2005

Background: Born and brought up in Bombay, India.

Current Activities: Doctoral Student at the CPDLT, UFL; Research focuses on Space Propulsion.

Extracurricular Activities: Listening to good music and playin my Electric Red Lady (that’s my guitar); reading, reading, and more reading; writing (occasionally); cinematics; exploring, exploring, and more exploring; road trippin/bike-trippin/trekking/hiking

Long Term Goals: Live a meaningful, regretless, and adventurous life