Alexander Schindler-Tyka

Alexander Schindler-Tyka


Tel: 352-392-7711


I graduated studying Physics at the University of Florida.
I was born and spent a large portion of my life in Miami, FL.

I would say that my passion and purpose is to learn about the fundamentals of nature in a process that provides me with inspiration to discover direct paths to their exploitation.
I love to travel and explore, to experience new cultures and landscapes.
These passions lead me to desire to contribute to the development of propulsion systems capable of supporting highly maneuverable, fast, efficient in atmosphere craft for travel and exploration.
Plasma actuation is a neat bridge between these two interests.
I am proud to be on the path of discovery as an undergraduate member of the UF Applied Physics Research Group.

Other Interests: tennis, hiking, electronics fabrication, sometimes I fancy some physicist idol emulation but I generally try to remain unique.