Endmember detection using the dirichlet process


An endmember detection algorithm for hyperspectral imagery using the Dirichlet process to determine the number of endmembers in a hyperspectral image is described. This algorithm provides an estimate of endmember spectra, proportion maps, and the number of endmembers needed for a scene. Updates to the proportion vector for a pixel are sampled using the Dirichlet process. As opposed to previous methods that prune unnecessary endmembers, the proposed algorithm is initialized with one endmember and new endmembers are added through sampling as needed. Results are shown on a two-dimensional dataset and a simulated dataset using endmembers selected from an AVIRIS hyperspectral image.


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A. Zare and P. Gader, “Endmember detection using the dirichlet process,” in 19th Int. Conf. Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 2008. 
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