…do not be impressed by the imprint of a famous publishing house or the volumes of an author’s publications. Bear in mind that Einstein needed only seventeen pages for his contribution which revolutionized physics, while there are graphomanics in asylums who use up mounds of paper every day. Remember that publishers want to keep the printing presses busy and do not object to nonsense if it can be sold.

Stanislav Andreski, Social Sciences as Sorcery (1972, London: Deutsch), p 86

Yon second-hand bookseller is second to none in the worth of the treasures which he dispenses.

Leigh Hunt, On the Beneficence of Bookstalls.

It is an axiom in the publishing business, however, that pseudoscience will always sell more books than the real science that debunks it.

Robert L. Park, Voodoo Science (2000), p. 177