Multiphase Flow & Rockets

Multiphase Flow and Associated Turbulence and Aeroacoustics

Understanding sound generation from high-speed multiphase jet flow is important for designing rocket engines and launch pad structures. We conduct numerical simulations with multiphase CFD software and develop semi-empirical or analytical techniques to find the radiated noise. The far-field acoustic pressure is evaluated using the Ffowcs-Williams and Hawkings acoustic analogy. We model the nozzles and flow to correspond to solid rocket engines. We use Eulerian-Lagrangian approaches and track each particulate from the combustion process. The physics and mathematics of how the particulates alter the turbulence and radiated noise is not understood in heated off-design supersonic jets. 

NASA Aries Scale Acoustic Test.
Particle laden jet flow with our CFD code working with Prof. Bala.

Supersonic Schliren / Jet Exhaust containing Particulates