Aeroacoustics – Jet Noise

Aeroacoustics is the science of noise generation, propagation, and reception from fluid motion, interaction with structures, and turbulence. Conducting research in aeroacoustics requires an in-depth understanding in a number of subjects that include turbulence, fluid dynamics, mathematics, and computing. Aeroacoustics is an important subject because it reduces harmful vibrations, structural fatigue, and noise pollution. Applications in the aerospace industry include but are not limited to rockets and aircraft. We specialize in the aeroacoustics of jet flows, shear layers, turbulence, turbulent structures, isotropic turbulence, boundary layers, and more. We prefer purely analytical models or combined numerical and analytical methods. 

Various aeroacoustic predictions compared with experiments measuring the noise from supersonic off-design jet flows. These predictions were conducted by the PI for a number of unique turbulence and turbulent shock wave shear layer interactions. The y-axis is sound pressure level and the x-axis is non-dimensional frequency in Strouhal number.
Predictions of noise from instability waves in supersonic jets at all angles.
Acoustic Source Analysis of Shock-Noise.