Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Most engineering problems of interest cannot be solved using traditional approaches. Since the advent of digital computers many fluid dynamics problems can be solved with the use of computers and the discretization of the equations governing fluid flow. We develop both in-house and use external computer programs to solve fluid dynamics problems. This area of research is called computational fluid dynamics (CFD). We often directly use CFD, use a combined CFD-analytical approach, or use solutions generated from CFD to make predictions of acoustic radiation. Also, turbulence modeling and CFD play a new and important role in industry and academic research. 

Pressure fluctuations of jet turbulence and radiated acoustics – run on HiperGator.

Contour plots of field-variables in jet flow-field

Unstructured spectral element mesh for large-eddy simulation of a turbulent jet.


A slice of a computational domain that contains a convergent nozzle.