Now Hiring!

We are currently accepting applications for a Postdoc to start in Spring/Summer 2021. Successful candidates will have a Ph.D. in a biomedical field, extensive experience with animals, excellent writing, management, and communication skills, and a record of success at the bench, of course!

Check out Hui’s excellent review of Raman for soft biomaterials!

In collaboration with Drs. Subhash and Sarntinoranont, Hui and Dr. Simmons have summarized work done in “Raman Spectroscopy Methods to Characterize the Mechanical Response of Soft Biomaterials”. Find it here:

Long awaited traction force review published in Experimental Dermatology!

Our practical review of traction force for biologists is finally out, including lots of tutorial-like tips for use. Check out “Quantifying cellular forces: Practical considerations of traction force microscopy for dermal fibroblasts” here: 

Special Issue of CMBE Journal featuring the lab!

Dr. Simmons was the guest editor for the Special Issue on “Emerging Technologies for Use in the Study, Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with COVID-19“. The issue includes commentaries and reviews that highlight how the biomedical engineering community continues to… Read More

Congrats, Dr. Stewart!

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Stewart (my second PhD graduate but my first BME!) for his dissertation, “Characterization of Tissue Mechanics and Resulting Fibrotic Cellular Processes.”

Mesoscale Indentation Featured in Special Edition

Dr. Andres Rubiano and (former) undergrad Carly Galitz were recently published in Tissue Engineering C: Methods describing the advantages and hazards of mechanical characterization by indentation. It’s part of a special edition dedicated to Biomechanics and Mechanobiology, and we were happy… Read More

Spiny Mouse Mechanobiology Featured Paper

Congrats to Dan and our collaborators from the Maden Lab: our paper on African Spiny Mouse cells is one of the Journal of Biomechanics’ featured articles!