To date, the AI+CASE Lab (Advanced Interdisciplinary research and education lab for Connected, Autonomous Shared, and Green transportation systems) has been dedicated to investigating innovative solutions for the research programs related to connected and autonomous vehicle platooning, on-demand mobile charging service, coordinated routing mechanisms, transportation domain knowledge-based AI applications, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication networks. The lab’s studies have been sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Transportation University Transportation Research (UTC) Centers, State DOT, Toyota, and university research funding. Many Ph.D. & Master students and visiting scholars have been involved in the lab’s research activities and produced considerable outcomes. The projects the lab works on includes:

  1. Develop Platoon Centered Control (PCC) for CAV Platooning
  2. Mobile Charging On-Demand Service
  3. Coordinated Routing Mechanisms (CRM) for Connected Vehicle Systems
  4. Transportation Domain Knowledge-based AI Applications
  5. Modeling Information Flow Dynamics upon Traffic Flow Dynamics
  6. Resilient Civil Infrastructure and Equitable Community Mobility

List of lab projects

1. NSF: Spatial Explanation and Planning for Resilience of Community-Based Small Businesses to Environmental Shocks. Sponsor: National Science Foundation. Award CMMI 2316450, $456,702 (08/15/2023-07/31/2026). Lili Du (Co-PI)
1. NSF: Encoding Dynamic Traffic Flow Analysis into AI for Network-Wide Early Alarming of Traffic-Demand-Influencing Events and Their Impacts. Sponsor: National Science Foundation. Award CMMI 2213459, $300,000 (10/01/2022-9/30/2025). Lili Du (PI), Hongcheng Liu (Co-PI)
2. NSF: Collaborative Research: Workshop Proposal: The Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence-Empowered Methods and Solutions to Urban Transportation Challenges. Sponsor: National Science Foundation. Award CMMI 2203497, $45,000 (Total award: $90,000), (6/1/2022-5/31/2023). Lili Du (PI).
3. FMRI Y6 project: Sequential synchronization control scheme for freeway truck platooning formation. Sponsor: FMRI (Tier 1 UTC), $10,000 (05/01/2022-04/30/2023). Lili Du (PI), Scott Washburn (Co-PI).
4. STRIDE B6 Project: Optimal Charging Station Planning to Adapt Mass Adoption of Electric Vehicles under Both Normal and Evacuation Scenarios. Sponsor: STRIDE (Reginal UTC) $60,000 (Total award: $90,000) (02/01/2022-05/31/2023). Lili Du (PI), Hadi,Mohammed A. (Co-PI).
5. NSF REU Site: Secure, Accessible, and Sustainable Transportation. Sponsor: National Science Foundation. Award CNS: 2150136, $397,382.00, (3/1/2022-2/28/2025). Lili Du (Senior Personnel)
6. NSF: SCC-PG: SmartCurb: Building Smart Urban Curb Environments. Sponsor: National Science Foundation, Award CNS: 2124858, $149,999 (10/01/2021-09/30/2022). Lili Du (Co-PI)
7. A New Stochastic Gradient Algorithmic Paradigm for Training Massive AI Models in Network-Wide Traffic Anomaly Warning. Sponsor: UF Research, Artificial Intelligence Research Catalyst Fund, $50,000
(12/02/2020-12/01/2021). Hongcheng Liu (PI), Lili Du (Co-PI)
8. CAREERIntegrated Online Coordinated Routing and Decentralized Control for Connected Vehicle Systems. Sponsor: National Science Foundation, award CMMI 1818526 ( Previous: 1554559), $500,000 (08/01/2016–07/31/2021). Lili Du (PI).


9. NSFSmart Vehicle Platooning Built upon Real-Time Learning and Distributed Optimization. Sponsor: National Science Foundation, award CMMI 1901994, $199,999 (06/01/2019–05/31/2022). Lili Du (PI).

10. STRIDE H3 project: Smartphone-Based Incentive Framework for Dynamic Network-Level Traffic Congestion Management. Sponsor: STRIDE: $70,000, 1/15/20 – 1/14/21. Lili Du (co-PI)

11. Toyota Miscellaneous Donors. Sponsor: Toyota InfoTechnology Center: $30,000, 01/25/2019-01/24/2024

12. FMRI (Tier 1 UTC): Sustainable Urban Freight Mobility through Optimization of Logistics Facility Location: $50,000; (09/01/2018–08/31/2019).


13. STRIDE F2 project: Discovering Potential Market for the Integration of Public Transportation and Emerging Shared-mobility Services: $78,849; (01/15/2019–01/14/2020).


14. NSF award 1817346(Previous: 1436786) in the amount of $240,000. 08/01/2014 – 07/31/2017.
Collaborative Research: Coordinated Real-Time Traffic Management Based on Dynamic Information Propagation and Aggregation under Connected Vehicle Systems”. Lili Du (PI) and Xiang-Yang Li (Co-PI).
15. First Nayar Prize at IIT in the amount of $100,000. 10/01/2015-09/30/2016.
Driverless City Project”. The team of Marshall Brown (architecture), Lili Du (transportation engineering), Laura Forlano (design), Jack Guthman (architecture), and Ron Henderson (landscape architecture). Videos: Street SpaceParking SpaceDelivery SpaceCommuter SpaceSenario Builder, and Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control. (password: driverless)
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16. Project funded by Illinois Department of Transportation in the amount of $300,000.00. 08/16/2015 – 02/16/2018. “Refinement of Load Factors for Illinois-Specific Load and Resistance Factored Rating (LRFR) Bridge Load Rating Using Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Data”. Lili Du (Co-PI) and Gongkang Fu (PI).
17. NEXTRANS (Regional UTC): funded by U.S. DOT Region 5 University Transportation Center in the amount of $100,000. 05/01/2012 – 01/31/2014. “Signal Timing Optimization for Large-Scale Urban Networks under Dynamic Traffic”. Lili Du (Co-PI) and Zongzhi Li (PI).