Ph.d. students

Yuqiang Ning


Ph.D. Student, Civil Engineering

Research interest: Routing, incentive, transportation modeling, and optimization




Chenlu Pu


Ph.D. Student, Civil Engineering

Research interest: network modeling, machine learning




Mukundhan Narasimhan


Ph.D. Student, Civil Engineering

Research interest: System-optimal control of Connected Autonomous Vehicles




Graduated Students


Jiahua Qiu (Ph.D.)


Current Position: Machine Learning Engineer, Meta

Dissertation Title: Fleet Management for Mobile Charging On-Demands Service: Solutions for Vehicle Routing, Motion Control, and Rebalancing Problems



Hanyu Zhang (Ph.D.)


Current Position: Software Development Engineer II, DiDi Autonomous Driving

Dissertation Title: Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Platooning Technology: Cooperative Lane-Change, Intersection-Passing, and Platoon-Formation Strategy






Stephen Spana (Ph.D.)


Current Position: Transportation Engineer/Planner, Fehr & Peers

Dissertation Title: Information Perturbation for Congestion Management under Connected Vehicle Coordinated Routing




Wang Peng (Ph.D.)


Current Position: Data scientist, Linde

Dissertation Title: Clustering-Aided Approaches for Traffic Congestion Management: CAV Coordinated Routing, Carpooling, and Mixed-Modal Carpooling




Hanyi Yang (Ph.D.)


Current Position: Postdoc, University of Hawaii

Dissertation Title: Public Event Identification on Traffic Data Using Machine Learning Approach




Siyuan Gong (Ph.D.)


Current Position: Associate Professor, Chang’an University 

Dissertation Title: Coordinated Driving in Connected and Autonomous Vehicle System – Optimal Advance Lane Change Zones and Coordinated Platoon Car Following Control

Email:; CV



Kaitai Yang (Master)


Current Position: Ph.D. student, University of Maryland, College Park

Dissertation Title: A Data-Driven Traffic Shockwave Detection Approach Based on Vehicle Trajectories Data





Lu Wang (Master)


Dissertation Title: Information-Traffic Coupled Cell Transmission Model for Information Spreading Dynamics over Vehicular Ad Hoc Network on Road Segments





Shuwei Chen (Master)


Current Position: Guangxi Transportation Science & Technology Group Co. Ltd. Guangxi, China.

Dissertation Title: Simulation Study of The Impact of Local Real-Time Traffic Information Provision Strategy in Connected Vehicle Systems




Other group members

Nelson Doucouret


Internship Student (2016 Summer)

Research interest: Fictitious Play in Transportation