Welcome to the AI+CASE Lab (Advanced Interdisciplinary research and education lab for Connected, Autonomous Shared, and Green transportation systems). This research is led by Dr. Lili Du, Professor at the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering at the University of Florida. It is dedicated to investigating innovative ideas and solutions for the research problems related to Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technologies, Network Modeling and Algorithm Design, Data Analysis and Fusion for Traffic Flow Control and Operations. If you are interested in (1) working with, (2) sponsoring, or (3) learning more information about the research group, please feel free to contact us.

Spotlight Introduction: IEEE ITS Research Lab


Platoon Centered Control (PCC) for CAV Platooning:
PCC: Pure CAV flow car-following control PCC: Cooperative lane change PCC: Pure CAV flow merging at ramp
PCC: Mixed flow car-following control PCC: Eco-driving at signalized intersections PCC: Mixed flow traffic merging at ramp
Platoon Formation:
Sequential CAV platoon formation on highway Single CAV static obstacle avoidance Simultaneous CAV platoon formation on highway

Ph.D. student recruiting

Two Graduate Research Assistant positions are available in Dr. Du’s research group. If you’re excited about the future of transportation systems, enthusiastic about mathematical modeling, algorithm design, and data analysis, and have a background in computer coding, please contact me with your CV/resume through my email lilidu@ufl.edu. Students with transportation/civil engineering, industrial engineering, computer science, math, and system engineering backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.