PrXR: Towards a roadmap for privacy and security research for mixed reality applications

IEEE VR 2021 Workshop


Date: March 28, 2021, 1-4PM GMT+1

This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners in the mixed reality and privacy and security communities to brainstorm threats, threat vectors and consequent opportunities for privacy and security research in the VR/AR/MR community. We will invite speakers from both communities to seed the discussion with their perspectives. The goal of this workshop will be to create a research vision to inspire the community and to catalyze the exploration of a new scientific frontier. The three-hour workshop will be held online, with a combination of invited talks, moderated discussion, and breakout sessions. Workshop organizers call for the submission of position papers on the following topics:

  • Privacy and security risks created by large scale personal use and enterprise use of XR devices
  • New perspectives on previously published research on the topics of security, privacy, AR/VR/XR, large-scale behavioral data collection.
  • Methods, methodologies, theoretical constructs that could apply to hardware/software/architecture/user-centered privacy and security problems in XR
  • Lessons learned from other contexts and how they might apply to XR
  • Novel opportunities created in the context of XR that are different from other contexts
Workshop Summary & Insights: Let’s SOUP up XR: Collected thoughts from an IEEE VR workshop on privacy in mixed reality


Eakta Jain

University of Florida

Brendan David-John

University of Florida

Kevin Butler

University of Florida / Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research

Diane Hosfelt

Privacy and Security Researcher


Blair MacIntyre

Georgia Tech


Ivan Martinovic

University of Oxford


Enkeledja Kasneci

University of Tübingen


Apu Kapadia

Indiana University Bloomington