Privacy-Preserving Gaze Data Streaming in Immersive Interactive Virtual Reality: Robustness and User Experience.



DeEPLABCUT source code: HERE

NuclearGazeAuth Here

Privacy and Security in Eye Tracking:


REQ Segmentation

REQ Segmentation Code


  • 12 March, 2017 – added biased and unbiased groundtruths and some more results
  • 10 January, 2017 – fixed a few formatting issues
  • 5 January, 2017 – removed stray MATLAB code
  • 4 January, 2017 – version 1 uploaded

Viewers’ Behavioral and Physiological Responses in VR

Gaze & Pupil Diameter (Data, Code) (Associated Publication)
2D Grayscale intensity videos, and Calibration intensities (Stimuli) (Associated Publication)
Methods for Generating Saliency Maps (Code) (Associated Publication)

Eye-tracking for Online User Experience

How many words is a picture worth? ETRA 2018 Short Paper
Videos Zip Part 1-5
Video Annotations
R Scripts
Presentation Slides


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Perception of Computer Generated Faces