Previous Courses Taught

Previous Courses Taught

Fall 2018

ENV 6932: Algorithms for Imaging Spectroscopy


Spring 2018

CAP 6610: Machine Learning


Fall 2017

COT 5615: Math for Intelligent Systems

Math for Intelligent Systems


Spring 2017

ENV 6932: Hyperspectral Image Analysis with Environmental Applications

Algorithms for Imaging Spectroscopy


Level Taught

Course Title

Graduate Course Advanced Machine Learning
Graduate Course Neural Networks for Computing 
Graduate Course Machine Learning
Senior & Graduate Course Artificial Intelligence
Senior Course Digital Image Processing
Junior Course Applied Discrete Structures
Graduate Special Topics Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic
Graduate Course Mathematics for Intelligent Systems
Graduate Course Hidden Markov Models
Graduate Course Subsurface Sensing Algorithms
Graduate Course Statistical Learning (co-taught with George Casella, Statistics Department)
Undergraduate Course Introduction to Computational Intelligence
Graduate / Undergraduate Hyperspectral Image Analysis 
Graduate Course Pattern Recognition 
Graduate Course Introduction to Modeling and Management of Uncertainty 
Graduate Course  Image Algebra and Morphological Image Processing 
Senior Lab Course Introduction to Digital Image Processing 
Junior Course Algorithms and Software Design with the C Language 
Freshman Course Introduction to Computer Programming with PASCAL 
Undergraduate Course Engineering Mathematics 
Undergraduate Courses Calculus I, II, and III 
Undergraduate Course Business Mathematics