Focus Area 1: Cavity Flows

  • Elucidation of sources of surface pressure fluctuations in open cavities
  • Open-loop control of cavity pressure fluctuations with leading edge blowing
  • Closed-loop control of cavity pressure fluctuations

Focus Area 2: Flow Generated Noise

  • Identification of turbulent noise sources in transonic jets
  • Control of noise generation from supersonic jets
  • Identification of turbulent flow noise sources from turbulent wall jets and circulation control airfoils
  • Rotor noise for Urban Air Vehicles

Focus Area 3: Turbulent Structure Associated with High Drag Events

  • Synchronous direct measurements of surface shear stress with velocity fields
  • Development of low-dimensional descriptions and models of high drag events

Focus Area 4: Low Reynolds Number Bio-Inspired Flows (not currently active)

  • Flow features of anisotropic flapping wings
  • Flow features and loads associated with low aspect ratio wings in motion
  • Effects of passive flexibility in fixed wing applications
  • Use of Dielectric Elastomers for membrane tension control in fixed wing applications
  • Effects of Turbulence length scales and aerodyanmic loads




Prof. Louis N. Cattafesta

Prof. Mark Sheplak

Prof. Kunihiko Taira

Prof. James Paul Hubner

Prof. William Oates

Prof. Steven Miller 

Prof. Peter Ifju