Focus Area 1: Cavity Flows

  • Elucidation of sources of surface pressure fluctuations in open cavities
  • Open-loop control of cavity pressure fluctuations with leading edge blowing
  • Closed-loop control of cavity pressure fluctuations

Focus Area 2: Flow Generated Noise

  • Identification of turbulent noise sources in transonic jets
  • Control of noise generation from supersonic jets
  • Identification of turbulent flow noise sources from turbulent wall jets and circulation control airfoils

Focus Area 3: Turbulent Structure Associated with High Drag Events

  • Synchronous direct measurements of surface shear stress with velocity fields
  • Development of low-dimensional descriptions and models of high drag events

Focus Area 4: Low Reynolds Number Bio-Inspired Flows (not currently active)

  • Flow features of anisotropic flapping wings
  • Flow features and loads associated with low aspect ratio wings in motion
  • Effects of passive flexibility in fixed wing applications
  • Use of Dielectric Elastomers for membrane tension control in fixed wing applications
  • Effects of Turbulence length scales and aerodyanmic loads




Prof. Louis N. Cattafesta

Prof. Mark Sheplak

Prof. Kunihiko Taira

Prof. James Paul Hubner

Prof. William Oates