Research Projects


11. Predicting and preparing for cholera. PI: A. Jutla (with UK-Met Office) 03/01/2019-02/28/2020. UK-DfID ~$XXXK

10. Empowering rural America: Assessment of resilience of livestock and food transportation infrastructure under extreme natural events. Co-I: A. Jutla (with T. Nguyen, UIUC; Joanna Shisler, UIUC; A. Unnikrishnan, PDX) 05/01/2019-04/30/2020. USDA $200,000

9. RAPID: Characterization of pathogens in water, soil and animal facilities for resilience assessment of civil infrastructure after extreme weather events, Co-PI: A. Jutla (with T. Nguyen, UIUC; A. Unnikrishnan, PDX), 11/15/2018-11/14/2019, NSF-CIS $60,000

8. R01: Effects of climate change on prevalence and environmental niches of clinically important vibrios in the Chesapeake Bay, Co-PI: A. Jutla (with A. Huq, UMD, A. Sapkota, UMD) 06/01/2018-05/31/2023, NIH-NEIHS NSF-OCE, ~$1.7 million [$315,357 WVU]

7. CAREER: Assessing impacts of enhanced climatic variability and extreme natural events on environmental sustainability of water in fostering disease resilient public health, PI: A. Jutla, 03/01/2018-02/28/2023, NSF-CBET, $500,000

6. Predictive Assessment of transmission conditions of cholera in the environment and human population using earth observations, PI: A. Jutla 01/01/2018-12/31/2021, NASA, $573,010

5. Corridor H stream monitoring, CoPI: A. Jutla (with L. Lin), 06/01/2105-05/31/2019, US-DOT, ~1.2 milion [$108,380 WVU]


4. A multi-sensor remote sensing approach to predict cholera, PI: A. Jutla, 03/01/2015-02/28/2019, NASA, $393,596

3. Socio-economic evaluation of multi-sensor remote sensing approach to predict cholera, PI: A. Jutla, 04/01/2016-02/28/2019, NASA, $247,597

2. Healthy West Virginia: Tracking West Nile virus using satellites PI: A. Jutla, 05/15/2013-05/14/2014, NASA-EPSCoR, $20,000

1. Tracking cholera outbreaks using remote sensing, PI: A. Jutla 07/01/2009-06/30/2010, Tufts University, MA $5,000