News and Media coverage

News and Media coverage

ABC News (September 2023 ) 6 die from ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria in 3 East Coast states. Here’s what to know about Vibrio vulnificus

Newsweek (August 2023) Contaminated Florida Water Could Cost People Their Limbs

The Messenger (September 2023) How You Can Stay Safe From Flesh-Eating Bacteria

NASA News (August 2018) NASA Investment in Cholera Forecasts Helps Save Lives in Yemen

LeParisien (French Newspaper: October 2108) Cholera and Satellites

BBC News (August 2018) Yemen cholera epidemic ‘controlled’ by computer predictions

Comcast Newsmaker (May 2018) Prediction of cholera using satellites

Scientific American (January 2018) Satellites Predict a Cholera Outbreak Weeks in Advance

The Scientist (July 2015) Outbreak Observatory

Forbes (July 2015) With global warming, expect more deadly vibrio cases

Sci Dev Net (September 2013) Reports reenergise debate over Haiti cholera outbreak.

UN Earth News ( April 07, 2013) UN peacekeepers or climate change? The complex factors contributing to Haiti’s cholera crisis

Science Daily (August 16, 2013) New Early Warning System for Cholera Epidemics (June 6, 2013) How satellites could be used to devise a warning system against the disease

Nature (June 27, 2012) Plankton tell if cholera is around

NASA Feature Article (Nov 20, 2011) In the Time of Cholera

New York Times (Sept 23, 2011) Sturdy Cholera Bug Thrives as Researchers Look to Stanch Outbreak

BBC News (Aug 11, 2011) Science in Action

Huffington Post(July 6, 2011) Satellite Images May Help Predict The Next Cholera Outbreak

NASA Blogs (Dec 14, 2010) Six Standout Talks

Science Daily (Nov 16, 2009) New Insight Into Predicting Cholera Epidemics in the Bengal Delta