Principal Investigator

Malisa Sarntinoranont


Phone: (352) 392-8404

Office: MAE-A 212



Ph.D. Students

Julian Rey

Julian Rey is a Mechanical Engineering PhD student. He completed a combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Florida in 2016. His interests include numerical simulations of biofluid dynamics and tissue transport, as well as in-vivo MRI imaging of tracer transport in brain tissue. A Cuban-American raised in Miami, FL, Julian enjoys listening to Cuban son and walking on the beach. 




M.S. StudentS


Osho Haddassah

Osho is an international student from Nigeria with a background in Physics.  She enjoys reading and traveling.




Former Ph.D. Students

Magdoom Kulam, PhD

Wei Dai

Saranya Canchi, PhD

Yu Hong, PhD

Fernando Casanova, PhD

Sung Jin Lee, PhD

Garrett Astary, PhD

Greg Pishko, PhD

Jung Hwan Kim, PhD

Xiaoming Chen, PhD

Former M.S. Students

Ruizhi Wang

Derek O’Hara

Tatiana Nobrega

Ana Maria Saaibi

Jianbing Zhao