I study soil mechanics, soil structure interaction, geotechnical reliability, bioinspired geotechnics, coastal and ecosystem geotechnics. To solve problems in these areas, I make field measurements of soil stratigraphy, soil strength, static and dynamic soil and pore water pressures on large and small scales. Complimentary work frequently includes laboratory tests of field specimens and new sensors developed in my lab. Analysis of all field and lab results utilizes established mathematical techniques and statistical models, which is then used to inform models, develop design equations, and enhance measurement techniques. The goal of my research is to improve geotechnical systems and understand geotechnics beneficial role for society and ecosystems.

Current Funded Research:

Performance of Geosynthetic Reinforced Piers Under Axial Load

Pore Pressure and Soil Pressure in Surrogate Burial

Bearing Capacity of Shallow Footings on Limerock

Coupled SPT-Seismic for FWI Based Tomography