Welcome to the Atmospheric Chemistry Lab

Before Dr. Myoseon Jang came to University of Florida, a kingdom of alligators, she had lived in different parts of the world. Dr. Jang was born and raised in the populated and rapidly changing Seoul, Korea. In the 80’s, she was involved in Korea’s student movement, which motivated her passion for environmental studies. Dr. Jang’s expertise includes:

  • Chamber simulation of aerosol formation via atmospheric aging of hydrocarbons, SO2, and NOx
  • Secondary organic aerosol modelling via multiphase reactions of hydrocarbons
  • Atmospheric chemistry of coastal base chemical species (i.e., sea salt aerosol, dimethyl sulfide, and algal aerosol)
  • Modelling of heterogeneous chemistry on airborne mineral dust particles
  • Health effect of fine particulate matter
  • Aerosol characterization
  • Optical property of atmospheric aerosol
  • Atmospheric fate of semivolatile organic compounds
  • Atmospheric transformation of combustion particulate matter
An orange and red sunset behind the chamber
The Atmospheric Chemistry Lab looks for promising graduate students and postdocs.

Contact Dr. Myoseon Jang at mjang@ufl.edu