UF-APHOR chamber

The Atmospheric PHotochemical Outdoor Reactor (UF-APHOR) is a state of the art science facility which uses natural sunlight to enable more precise replication of atmospheric chemistry. The UF-APHOR is located on the top of Black Hall (29.64185° N, –82.347883° W) at the University Florida. The large chamber volume (52 m3 + 52 m3) provides enough air to sample for multiple analyses and the dual chambers allow for two simultaneously controlled experiments to be performed under the same meteorological conditions. The gaseous compounds and aerosols generated in the chamber are directly carried to various analytical instruments in the Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory for the characterization of oxidation products using spectroscopic, thermal, and chromatographic methods. The resulting chamber data have been applied to the discovery of new chemistry in aerosol and development of aerosol models.

Indoor Reactors

Two 2.0 m3 indoor Teflon film reactors are housed in the Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory. Indoor chambers are used to conduct humidity controlled chamber experiments at constant temperature. The reactors were specially designed to be compressible to half their volume (i.e., into 1 m3) without dilution due to sampling and analyses. The indoor chamber is used to test analytical methods prior to scale up to the experiment using UF-APHOR or field sampling.

Black Hall, outdoor chambers, and indoor chamber
Chamber facility