Lab Videos

Lab Videos


Haptic Suit and VR for ROV Teleoperation (Simulation)


A “Seesaw” Haptic Controller for Tower Crane Anti-Sway Controls


Tower Crane Simulation with Cable Dynamics and Force Rendering:


Dual-Hand Grabbing in VR with Smoothed Mass Center Estimating:


Soft-Body Simulation and Interaction:


Different Physical Interactions simulated via TouchX Haptic Device:


Force-based Robot Teleoperation – force feedback transferred between haptic controller and remote robot:

VR-based Robot Teleoperation and Impedance Control:

Haptic suit for remote snake robot controls:

Seeing through Walls with robotic dog and AR:


Remote Cognitive Status Monitoring and Benchmarking System:

Cognition-Drive Information System:

LEARNER: Learning Environments Augmentation and Robotics for Next-gen Emergency Responders. A NSF project with TAMU and VT:

Haptic suit for wayfinding – solution for visually impaired group or emergency responders:

Teleoperation of a remote robot with VR:

Remote control of VR fire simulation via a server:

Real Time Cognitive Load Tracking via Pupillary Change:

Haptic simulation using Novint Falcon in a valve operation experiment:

Maze wayfinding experiments with firefighters:

Pipe maintenance experiment:

Physics Engine Simulation Test:

Flying a VR drone:

Visual effects of tunneled view:

Measuring brain activities while using VR:

Simulating construction hazards – fire and smokes:

VR for construction safety training:

Eye-tracking in 2D and 3D models:

VR to study spatial memory:


VR in architecture, engineering and construction:



Dr.Du’s TEDx talk about Internet of Things (IoTs) and its applications in Civil Engineering:

Presentation to the National Public Safety Telecommunication Council (NPSTC):

Presentation to the NIST Public Safety Communication Research (PSCR) 2019 Conference: