Fall 2023 Hiring Opportunities

Fall 2023 Hiring Opportunities

We are hiring several types of positions 

  • Website and Social Media Manager – 1 Position Available
  • Peer Mentors CEN 3031 (for Fall 2023) – 10 Positions Available

Hiring Website and Social Media Manager 

We are looking for  an undergraduate or graduate student to assist with updating several project websites and regularly posting about the projects on social media. 

Time Commitment
Eligible candidates need to be able to commit at least 10hrs/week. The student will be required to attend project-specific meetings and the weekly lab meeting and to work independently to complete assigned work.

$15/hour, 10 hrs/wk

Required Qualifications:

  • experience using social media to make posts (e.g., X (formerly known as Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • a willingness to learn to learn how to use 
  • experience using Google Docs & Drive

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience using WordPress
  • Experience using Google Sites
  • Graphic Design

Soft Skills:

  • Willing to explore and learn to use new plugins
  • Organized and manages time well
  • Good writing skills
  • Good communication skills, friendly and professional
  • Flexible – details of the project may change along the way

Apply  – 1 Position Available

  • Apply by Friday, Sept 1, 2023 (Later applications are still welcomed. But we are trying to fill this position by the 2nd week in Sept.)
  • Send email and an updated resume to gmccune@ufl.edu 
    Subject: Interest in Website and Social Media Manager – <Add your name>

Hiring Peer Mentors CEN 3031 Intro to Software Engineering (Fall 2023)

Recruiting 10 undergraduate to serve as peer mentors for CEN 3031 (Fall 2023). We are looking for peer mentors who are excited to share their software engineering knowledge and experiences with their peers taking the class this semester. Peer Mentors will primarily assist in supporting the CEN3031 students in learning the technical skills for frontend and backend development, git and github skills, cloud deployed, automated testing, continuous integration. 

Consider serving as a peer mentor if . . .
You have had a software engineering internships and/or experience working on web application development or DevOps. 

Time Commitment
Eligible candidates need to be able to commit to 10hrs/week.

The student will be required to attend or offer

  • 1hr Weekly TA Meeting
  • 2 hrs – In person office hours
  • 1hrs online ad hoc answering Slack Questions and meeting with students online
  • 2 hrs – lead 2 discussion sec
  • 1 hr – preparation for discussion section 
  • 1-3 hr grading (varies)
  • Occasional availability to support in-class assignments. 


Required Qualifications:

  • Web development experience, with knowledge of JavaScript
  • Interest in helping your fellow students learn

Desired Qualifications:

  • Javascript (minimum requirement)
  • Node.js and React experience (preferred requirement)
  • UX or UI Experience
  • Experience with block-based programming is welcomed (plus)

Soft Skills:

  • Good communication skills, friendly and professional
  • Comfort speaking in front of 30-40 people
  • Good time management and organization
  • Flexible

Apply – 10 Positions Available

  • Complete 4-part survey (approx. 20 mins) – ASAP but no later than Friday, Sept. 1, 2022
  • Attend CEN 3031 TA Interest Meeting Zoom Chat on Tuesday, Sept 5th @ 2pm. If you can’t make it will be recorded.