Welcome to the Engaging Learning Lab

We are an excited group of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate researchers focused on creating fun and engaging learning experiences for K-12 and undergraduate students. We have degrees in Computer Science, Learning Sciences, and Early Childhood Education. We work in collaboration with researchers and practitioners in Education, Cognitive Science, & Arts.

We conduct research in three areas

  • Computer Science Education (CS ED) Research
  • Learning Technology Design & Evaluation
  • Curriculum Development & Assessment 

Through our research and collaborations, we aim to advance the science of

  • how people learn in technology-rich learning environments
  • learn computer science
  • develop identities as computational thinkers and CS Professionals

We empirically study and build

  • models of cs learning
  • identify pedagogical and instructional best practices
  • develop learning assessments
  • develop learning environments and curricula
  • models of identity development
  • develop identity assessments

Theoretical Foundations & Research Methodology

  • constructivist & socio-cultural learning theories
  • HCI
  • design-based research
  • qualitative and quantitative methods,
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces (EEG) devices

Contributions & Impact

We have developed several CS curricula and assessments for K-12 students in

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber-security
  • Robotics
  • Mobile App Development
  • Game Design, and
  • Introductory programming.

We have also developed VR and mobile application empathy games for elementary school children.

Using these curricula, we collaborate with schools and community organizations to offer after-school and summer camp programs for K-12 students and professional development workshops for teachers. Our work has impacted over 1800 students and 100 teachers!