Selected Technical Activities

Professor Krauthammer has been involved in many projects that cover a broad spectrum of technical areas. The following are examples of such activities (in alphabetical order):

Blast, Shock and Impact
  • Aircraft Shelter Hardening
  • Assessments of Nuclear Waste Processing and/or Storage Systems and Facilities
  • Assessments of Proposed Blast-Resistant Designs, and/or Upgrades for Buildings and Facilities
  • Backfill and Backpack for Military Bunkers
  • Blast Containment Structures, Facilities, and Laboratories
  • Blast Resistant Air Cargo Containers
  • Blast-Induced Damage Assessments of LNG Storage Facilities
  • Blast-Induced Damage Assessments of Buildings and Industrial Facilities
  • Blast Loads and their Suppression in Tunnels and Overpasses
  • Blast-Resistant Buildings and Buried Structures
  • Decision Support Tool for Intelligent Bomb Damage Assessment
  • Development of Advanced Shelter Systems
  • Development of Innovative Computational Support Tools for Short-Duration Dynamics
  • Explosive Safety Assessment of Chemical Plants, and munition storage facilities
  • Hardening of New and/or Existing Buildings against Explosive Attack
  • Physical Security Assessments of Buildings and Facilities
  • Rocket Launch-Induced Vibrations on Building
  • Shock Isolation in High-Rise Buildings
  • Reactive Protection
  • Precision Impact Testing
  • Progressive Collapse Assessment of Multi-Story Buildings Following Explosive Attack
  • Protective Residences, Offices, and/or Industrial Facilities
  • Retrofit approaches for Buildings, Industrial, and/or Energetic Material Storage Facilities
  • Short Courses and Technical Training on Analysis, Design, and Assessment of Protective Facilities
  • Studies of Glazing Systems Behavior Under Blast
  • Technical Support of Crash-Resistant Gate Development
  • Technical Support for Blast Door Developments
  • Technical Support for Explosive Safety, and/or Explosive Damage Assessment
  • Ultra High Performance Concrete – Research, Assessment, and Application
Current and Pending Research Projects
  • Optimized Ultra High Performance Concrete (OHPC) Structural Behavior Subjected to Severe Dynamic Loads, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center through Air Force Research Laboratory, AFRL/RWML, 2016, 3 years.
  • Preconditioning of Target Components, Air Force Research Laboratory, AFRL/RWML, 2019, 3 years.
  • Several proposals were submitted to various funding organizations and they are pending.