Beverly Sanders, PI

Beverly Sanders (CISE, UF) is a Computer Scientist with expertise in programming languages and parallel computing and experience developing highly performant software for Quantum Chemistry calculations in collaboration with domain scientists. She led the development of the Aces4 platform for computational chemistry.

James Freericks, Co-PI

Jim Freericks (Physics, Georgetown) has been working in quantum simulation since 2009 and was involved in the early demonstrations of adiabatic state preparation with ion traps and in the world record number of qubits used in a quantum simulation on a Penning trap . His current research focus is on developing algorithms to simulate quantum dynamics in a range of systems relevant to Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Hai-Ping Cheng, Co-PI

Hai-Ping Cheng (Physics, UF) is an expert on applying density functional theory and non-equilibrium Green’s function techniques to study electronic and magnetic structure and electron/spin transport in nano-clusters and junctions. She has extensive experience in method and code development. Currently, she is the director of a DOE energy frontier research center for molecular magnetic quantum materials with a research focus on quantum information science. She is also a member of the LIGO scientific collaboration.

Erik Deumens, Co-PI

Erik Deumens (Chemistry and Research Computing, UF) has experience in foundations of quantum mechanics and high-performance computing. His research has been on structure and scattering of quantum systems and developing software for efficient simulation of these methods on classical computers. He is currently the Director of Research Computing at the University of Florida.

Chenglong Li, Co-PI

Chenglong Li’s (Medicinal Chemistry, UF) expertise includes developing and applying advanced computational methods to design functional molecules binding to proteins. His expertise also includes investigating structures, dynamics and functions of proteins, including enzymes, through biophysical and biochemical approaches.

Senior Personnel

  • Richard Hennig
  • Ajith Perera
  • John F. Stanton
  • Xiaoguang Zhang
  • Samuel B. Trickey