Kyle Riding, Ph.D., P.E.

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Photograph of Dr. Riding

Dr. Riding is a professor of Civil and Coastal Engineering at the University of Florida. His research focuses on durability of concrete structures and pavements, early age concrete structural behavior, concrete microstructure characterization and modeling, and novel cementitious systems with a goal to enhance and preserve the nation’s civil infrastructure.

Dr. Riding has been at the University of Florida since 2016. Prior to coming to the University of Florida, he was on the faculty at Kansas State University for 8 years. He received the TRB Concrete Section Best Paper Award in 2017, the ACI Young Member Award for Professional Development in 2013, the ACI Wason Medal for Materials Research in 2011, Kansas State University Dean’s Award of Excellence in 2014, the KSU Civil Engineering Department Research Award in 2010 and 2012, and a Texas Department of Transportation Top Research Innovations and Findings Award in 2005.

Dr. Riding is currently the chair of the Precast/ Prestressed Concrete Institute Concrete Materials Technology Committee and is a voting member of the Prestressing Reinforcement Committee. He is also Chair of the American Concrete Institute Committee 231 Properties of Concrete at Early Ages, and is a voting member of ACI 201Durability of Concrete, ACI 207 Mass Concrete, ACI 236 Material Science of Concrete, and 318A Structural Building Code Subcommittee General, Concrete, and Construction.