Coastal & Marine Geotechnics at UF

The Coastal & Marine Geotechnics research group is focused on:

  • geotechnical site investigation and site investigation method development in subaquatic environments including methods such as in-situ penetrometer testing, seabed pore pressure monitoring, geoacoustic surveying, and satellite-based remote sensing.
  • coastal and riverine extreme event reconnaissance, impact mitigation, and community resilience including events such as Hurricane Harvey (2017), Hurricane Irma (2017), Tropical Storm Melissa (2019), the Western European Floods (2021), the Yellowstone Flood (2022), and Hurricane Idalia (2023).
  • fundamental research on coastal erosion, geomorphodynamics, sediment dynamics and their relationship to soil mechanics.
  • fundamental and applied research assisting with naval applications including unexploded ordnances site management, beach trafficability, acoustic surveying, sensor deployment optimization.

We are committed to an interdisciplinary and inclusive training and education of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as young researchers and professionals through course work and research participation.

This website offers an overview of the research group and our current activities. For any additional information, please contact: Dr. Nina Stark,

Current Research Projects

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