PhD Specialization

PhD Specialization


As of Fall 2016, we are offering a PhD specialization in Coastal Ecosystem Dynamics. Students enrolled in this specialization will gain knowledge depth and technical skills in the fields of hydrodynamics, geotechnical engineering, and ecology. This training will prepare students to work in diverse teams on the complex problems that face coastal environments and communities worldwide. Throughout the duration of the specialization, students will interact regularly with faculty and other students with expertise in both their focal field of study and in complementary fields of study in core courses, interactions that are designed to provide students the foundation for establishing cross-disciplinary collaborations and research networks.

Curriculum Information

Below we outline required and recommended courses for students enrolling in the Coastal Ecosystem Dynamics PhD specialization. As new courses are being added as the specialization develops, the required curriculum in 2016 will be different from that in 2017 and beyond, and are thus separated in the lists below.

Required Courses (students starting in 2016)

  • ENV 6935 Wetlands Seminar (Fall, 1 credit)
  • ENV 6932 CESD Journal Club (Spring, 1 credit)
  • ENV 6932 Coastal Systems (Spring, 3 credits)

Required Courses (students starting in 2017)

  • Introduction to Coastal Ecosystem Dynamics 1 (Fall, 4 credits)
  • Introduction to Coastal Ecosystem Dynamics 2 (Spring, 4 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Research 1 (Fall, 2 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Research 2 (Spring, 2 credits)

Recommended Courses (students starting in 2017)



  • EOC 6196 Littoral Processes


  • OCP 6165 Ocean Waves I (Linear Theory) (3 credits)
  • OCP 6168 Data Analysis Techniques in Coastal Engineering (3 credits)
  • EGM 5816 Intermediate Fluid Dynamics (3 credits)
  • EOC 6295 Estuarine and Shelf Hydrodynamics (3 credits)
  • EOC 6850 Port & Harbor Engineering (Fall, 3 credits)
  • EOC 6934 Hydrodynamic Models for Estuarine and Coastal Waters (3 credits)
  • EOC 6943 Analysis of Coastal Engineering (3 credits)

Geotechnical Engineering


  • CEG 6015 Advanced Soil Mechanics
  • CEG 5115 Foundation Design


  • CEG 5205C Syllabus Insitu Measurement of Soil Properties & Geostatistics
  • CEG 6515 Earth Retaining Systems and Slope Stability
  • CGN 6905 Ground Modification Design
  • CGN 5715 Experimentation and Instrumentation of Civil Engineering Materials



  • EES 5305 Ecological and General Systems
  • EES 5307 Advanced Ecological Engineering
  • ENV 6932 Coastal Systems
  • ENV 6935 Systems Seminar
  • ENV 6935 Wetlands Seminar


  • EES 6932 Advanced Environmental Hydrology
  • EES 6308 Advanced Wetlands Ecology

Professional Preparation

  • ENV 6932 Engineering Fellowship Prep

Student Committees

Student committees must include at least one CESD faculty member from each of the 3 focal areas (hydrodynamics, geotechnical engineering, ecology) as well as one faculty member from outside of ESSIE.

Questions About Program

Please contact the graduate specialization coordinator, Dr. Christine Angelini (, with questions regarding this specialization.