Graduate Students
  • Jackson Powers
    Ph.D. Candidates (Fall 2020 – )
    B.S. in Chemical Engineering at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
    Current Research: Cell-Free Protein Synthesis for Protocell Development
    Interests: Traveling, swimming, biking, and cooking.


  • Jooyong Shin
    Ph.D. Student (May 2021 – )
    B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Yonsei University (South Korea)
    Current Research: Engineering Structural Properties of Protein Vesicles towards Synthetic Cells
    Interests: Driving, watching sports games, and playing computer games


  • Bornita Deb
    Ph.D. student (Jan 2022 – )
    M. Tech. in Oils and Surfactants at the Institute of Chemical Technology, India
    B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Pune University, India
    Current Research: Designing Minimal Synthetic Cells Capable of Sensing (co-advised by Dr. Carl Denard) 
    Interests: Cooking Indian food and singing.

Undergraduate Students
  • Sean Kochanowsky: Fall 2021 –
    Chemical Engineering, Class of 2023 (4th Year)
    Research: Antibacterial Polymer Thin Films
    Interests: Weightlifting, Graphic Design, Programming, and Music.
  • University Scholars Program 2022 (Summer 2022 – Spring 2023)


  • Adriana LaVopa: Fall 2022 –
    Materials Science and Engineering, Class of 2025 (3rd year)
    Research: Purification of sensory fusion proteins for vesicle incorporation
    Interests: Rock climbing, fantasy novels, sketching
  • University Scholars Program 2023


  • Joseph A Mancini: Fall 2022 – 
    Chemical Engineering, Class of 2024 (4th Year)
    Research: Engineering structure of protein vesicles
    Interests: Basketball, Weightlifting, Music, and Biking


  • Ken DeLisi: Summer 2023 –
    Chemical Engineering, Class of 2025 (3rd year)
    Research: Size evolution of globular protein vesicles
    Interests: Hockey, Anime, Diving






​Ph.D. Ruwen Tan: Fall 2018 – Fall 2021
Thesis Title: Engineering Surfaces with Tunable Nanostructure and Stiffness to Mitigate Bacterial Adhesion
Currently at Micron Technology

M.S. Elizabeth Meier: Fall 2021 – Spring 2023
Chemical Engineering at the University of Florida
Thesis Title: Investigating the balance of bactericidal and antifouling properties of thin film polymer surfaces to optimize the antibacterial effects  
Currently at 

M.S. Blair D. Cole: Fall 2020 – Summer 2021
Chemical Engineering at the University of Florida
​Currently at the Savanah River Nuclear Site

M.S. ​​Ting Shan: Spring 2020 – Spring 2021 
Biomedical Engineering at the University of Florida
Currently at WuXi App Tech.

M.S. Gopal Marda: Spring 2023, Material Science & Engineering
M.S. Neelima Sharma:
 Fall 2022, Chemical Engineering
B.S. Stella Belony: Fall 2020 – Fall 2022. Chemical Engineering
B.S. Julio C. Zambrano:
Spring 2020 – Spring 2022. Chemical Engineering (Honors Thesis)
B.S. Ryan Wind: Summer 2021-Spring 2022. Chemical Engineering
B.S. Macs Burke: Summer 2021 – Spring 2022. Chemical Engineering (Honors Thesis), Currently at Intel
B.S. Nicolas R. Marzolini: Fall 2018 – Spring 2021. Chemical Engineering (Honors Thesis). Currently a MD/PhD at UPENN 

Kristen Leong, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, UF (2021)
Shannon Glover, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, UF (2020) (Honors Thesis)
Jackson Parisey, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, UF (2020)
Gabriella Donofrio, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, UF (2020)

Imran Nasrullah: UG in Biomedical Engineering (Fall 2021)
​Noah Pruitt: UG in Chemical Engineering (Spring 2021)
Pragati Patel, UG in Chemical Engineering (Fall 2020)
Josie Kilburn, UG in Chemical Engineering (Fall 2018 – Spring 2020)
Jiye Lee, UG in Chemical Engineering (Fall 2019)
Bradley Franco, UG in Chemical Engineering (Fall 2019)
Daniel Guiterrez, UG in Chemistry (Fall 2019)
Camilo Alvarez, UG in Chemical Engineering (Fall 2018, Spring 2019)

REU & SSTP STudents
  • Tiffany Jeng (Summer 2021 from Georgia Tech), Ph.D. student @ UT Austin 
  • Elizaveta Radkevich (Summer 2022 from Virginia Tech)
  • Alicia Tsung (Summer 2019), Undergraduate student @USC